Meet Bhavana Bharot

A professional cook with multiple years of experience in home made food. Bhavana-Ji has been cooking various delicious recipes in multiple households. She lives with her family in Mumbai India.

I had the fortune of getting to know her in one of my trips. She is always smiling and ready for a friendly banter. During our exchange I learnt of few things she has learnt and adapted on the job to suit the limited available time of cooking per household.

She is happy to share and help the grobit followers with some of her recipes. And of course with her tips and experience! You will see multiple recipes from her in the grobit app & on this website (some are live, rest are coming up!).

The best part of her recipes for me, besides the fact that they are home-made and simple and easy, is that they are designed for a comparatively shorter cooking time. This is really helpful for working couples and parents like us, who would like to cook regularly for ourselves and our kids but have limited time on our hands.

Thank you Bhavana-Ji for sharing your recipes with us! 🙂

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