• Create multiple shopping lists
  • Maintain and track your pantry & home inventory including expiry & storage location
  • Discover or create delicious recipes and directly check pantry levels/manage shopping lists for the recipe ingredients
  • Create and track household tasks
  • Enable notifications and stay informed about the upcoming expiry dates or task deadlines in advance
  • Share shopping lists with friends/family via other apps
  • Receive regular food and household tips & hacks via videos directly in the app
  • App available in 2 languages – English & Deutsch!

grobit v 1.9.0 out now!
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Key App Features

  • Create various shopping lists with a diverse range of shopping items, tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Quickly add previously shopped items back to the list and save yourself time
  • Make a shopping budget in advance and track your spend as you are shopping via a shopping session. If maintained in settings, sales tax is automatically added to cost when saving
  • Keep track of your shopping expenses. Check your statistics and find out the expense pattern, impulse shopping percent etc.
  • Share you shopping lists with your friends via email, chat or any other medium of your choice
  • Maintain an inventory of your items including expiry dates & storage location
  • Always know what is your in pantry OR inventory! No more shopping by guessing
  • Track multiple expiry dates for the same items
  • Enable notifications and let grobit remind you of an upcoming item expiry. Consume before expiry, save your money and reduce wastage!
  • Regularly discover new delicious recipes to cook 🙂
  • Create and link your favorite recipe in the app
  • Check the ingredient availability in pantry directly in app
  • Missing ingredients? Add the recipe ingredients to your shopping list and plan ahead
  • Track all the ToDos and Tasks around the house and make sure you never forget them
  • Create new ToDos from scratch or you can benefit from pre-designed templates which reduce data entry
  • Generate one-time OR recurring instances of your tasks
  • Enable reminders and let grobit notify you of the upcoming deadline on your preferred day and time
  • grobit regularly shares tips, hacks and features videos to you in the app
  • Tips
    • Information or ideas about everything around your grocery, food and household items
    • E.g : How to extend shelf life of foods, Addressing Shopping Myths, Food wastage reduction tips etc.
  • Hacks
    • Sharing ideas or findings about using your food items beyond just consumption and in some cases even when the food item has expired
    • E.g : Tips to use vinegar, turmeric, salt, soda water etc.
  • Features
    • Videos showcasing select features of grobit app and how you can use them in daily life
    • E.g How to track your spend while you shop using grobit app?
  • Custom Categories
    • Create your own categories with color and icons in addition to the ones provided by the app
  • Notifications
    • Enable notifications and let grobit remind you about upcoming food expiry OR due tasks
  • Multi-Device Sync & Backup
    • Backup your data and/or sync to your multiple Android devices using your Google account
    • Backup your data and/or sync to your multiple iOS devices using your iCloud account

grobit offers you a range of options to input and manage data!

Pre-loaded items

You can select from over 550+ pre-loaded items that are available and quickly add them to your shopping list or inventory

Barcode Scanning

grobit is connected to Open Foods Facts Database. Scan barcode to fetch the item. grobit does not know the barcode. Link the barcode to an existing item and grobit is ready with next scan

Speech to text

Create one or more entries for your stock or in your shopping list based on Speech input. For multiple entries at the same time simply the word “AND”. (For Deutsch use “UND”)

Reuse shopping history

Added items in your shopping last time? Just reuse and add them to shopping list from the “History” (see the history button on shopping list in app)

Ready ToDo templates

You can use the 9 available templates to quickly create a new ToDo.

Classical input

Of course the classical data input option is available to create your items.
Tip : Every item you create is automatically available in look up, speech to text OR to link to barcode

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