Frequently asked questions

Q) How can I backup/transfer my data from one phone to another?

A) You can use the Sync feature on your grobit app to backup your data on your Android device with your Google drive(using Google Account) or on your iOS device with your iCloud(using your iCloud Account)

Q) Can I sync my data across devices?

A) grobit currently allows syncing data between the same type of devices : Android (using the same Google account), iOS(using the iCloud account). Cross device OR multiple account syncing is currently not supported
Note : Image Syncing is currently not supported

Q) My notifications stopped working / notifications are not coming through always especially after an operating system update on the app?

A) Please make sure that you have enabled the notifications in the app and also the app is granted permission on the OS level.
In some cases if you have problems with notifications (especially after a major phone operating system update) and the notification is already enabled, simply disable and re-enable the notification under Settings->Notification. This will re-trigger the necessary permission requests with OS and the notifications will reappear.

Q) Can I create my own categories?

A) Yes. Go to Settings->Category and create your new categories and use them for the items. It will also automatically show up in the filters

Q) My item is not found on scanning barcode?

A) grobit uses the “Open Food Facts Database”. So items which are already in this database are automatically identified. In case your item is not found on scanning your barcode, you will be auto directed in the app to the item selection screen. Simply link the barcode to an existing item OR create a new item by typing the name and link it. With the next scan the item is automatically identified.
Note : In case you have backed up your data (or synced them) to other devices, the barcode data will be synced with it.

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