• Chili sin carne

    Difficulty: Medium

    A delicious Mexican dish in a Vegetarian version

  • Mom‘s favorite apple pancakes

    Cooks in 30 Difficulty: Easy

    To me food is very often connected to childhood memories.Today I would like to share one of my good old favorites from „way back then“. It is very easy to prepare and has been tested by me on various friends in different countries and all liked it very much.So I am hoping it will find more friends here.By sharing this recipe I am honoring my Mom and her ability to create the most delicious dishes with just a few ingredients. Also she would make sure that we use as much as possible the seasonal gifts of our garden as well as items we have on stock. I am continuing in this tradition which also ties in beautifully with the support provided by grobit.

    Note : As my other hobby is sketch noting I have added a step-by-step recipe sketch which hopefully helps you to follow the steps 🙂

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